Sunday, 20 September 2015

My Desire - To be a Pastor's Wife!

I woke up at 4am today and the first thought on my mind was "I really do want to be a Pastor's wife." In my head I thought, "you are in Law school Nontie, how will you ever meet one?" Then something said to my heart "tell it to Jesus."

This has been my heart's desire for a long time. I have often told my friends that I want to be a pastor's wife BUT I just haven't prayed about it. Maybe because of my lack of faith. When I look around the position the Lord has placed me, in my eyes, it's just impossible to meet a young pastor who is not married yet. However the Lord bids us in his word, to walk by faith and not by sight. He also invited us to taste and see if the Lord is good. He promised that, if we ask anything in his name he will supply according to his riches in heaven.

When I look back in my own life, there are things that I wanted and knew my parents would never afford BUT the Lord provided.

Moral of the Story: Sometimes it's not about what we can lay our eyes on. We should never limit God's abilities based on what is before our eyes. God is greater than our own comprehension. He made all things and he has the ability to make the impossible possible.

My journey of Faith begins...


  1. So true, we walk by faith and not by sight! I pray God will bring a godly young pastor who will pursue you, for he who finds a wife finds a good thing! :)

    1. Amen! I wouldn't have said it any better. Thanks Twi *hearts*

  2. Hi Nonte, I smile reading through your post. The issue is not being a Pastors wife, but shouldering the huge responsibilities that accompany such a position.
    Something to think about!
    But I admire your desire. It is well Nontie.
    Blessings to you

    1. Hey Ifeoma, thanks for such kind words. Stay blessed :)