Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why I desire to be a Pastor's Wife?

Side-note: this post is in response to a comment I got on my previous post "My desire - To be a Pastor's wife ." I would like to thank Takalani Nemauluma for asking the question, it has helped me reflect more on this desire and here are the reasons why;

1. I have a passion for Ministry.
2. I would be privileged to be a co-labourer with my Pastor hubby in his efforts to win souls for Christ.
3. The responsibilities of  a Pastor's wife will keep me on my knees.
4. The role requires constant self denial hence I will be reminded of Luke 9:23 daily.
5. It's an opportunity to influence people (especially women) heavenward.
6. It's a role that requires constant prayer and supplication, not only for myself or family but for the greater family of God.
7. I wish to be a pillar of strength and support for my Pastor hubby.
8. I want to raise tofu-loving and scripture song-singing children.
9. I know it's a great challenge to raise faithful, God fearing Pastor's kids but I'm willing to go through the challenge with Jesus.
10. Bonus reason: I love it when a Pastor talks about his wife in a sermon. (This is me being a girl BUT I just melt!)

My Journey of Faith continues...


  1. awww! this is lovely! I need also had the desire to be a pastor's wife last year, I think the Spirit put it in my heart. Thank you for making it more clear about what it all means.

    God bless you sis x

  2. My husband has been a missionary, a minister, a teacher and a phone answerer in a call center during the years we have been married. Sweet girl look not for a "pastor" but for a man who loves Jesus from the bottom of his heart, who will follow WHEREVER He leads and will lead you in the same direction.