Tuesday, 6 October 2015


God is just too deep, if we pay close attention to even the smallest things in our lives, we will see evidence of his presence.

Personal Experience: Every Tuesday, my lectures end at 10:20am and I normally go to the Law Library until lunch time. But today, for some awkward reason, I decided I would go to the main library. I found myself at the most randomest spot, that on a normal day, I wouldn't even dream of studying there. When I got there, I was excited to see a sister from church. However, when she saw me,  she started smiling and laughing at the same time (imagine the confusion in my head). Then she told me, she has been wanting to talk to me about something, but had no idea how to get hold of me (Imagine the shared joy at that point). As if that wasn't enough, what she told me, was something I had been hoping and praying for. It was only at that time, that everything made sense.

Moral of the Story: God is really a mysterious God. You might not know why certain things are happening the way they are today, but be rest assured that when he reveals the bigger picture, you will thank him for it. Lately I have learnt to pray and wait, not for my will, BUT for God's will to prevail. When God answers your prayers, the WAIT, is always worth it.

My Journey of Faith continues...

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