Friday, 6 November 2015

Current Favourites

Here are a few pointers to my heart. (Side-note: my favorites change depending on the occasion, that's why one has to LOVE Jesus before they can try to understand me, BUT these have remained constant for a while so they deserve to be mentioned.)

1. Pink
- an attempt to do away with my tomboy tendencies.

2. Netherlands
- this is still a lot random but I hope to go there very soon. I have great plans for Netherlands, in my mind. (Still negotiating with God, hopefully I will get a YES!)

3. Morning Jogs
- this was the biggest shocker to all the people that have known me long enough. It was the greatest step out of my comfort zone. 

4. Flowers
- I was one of those that preferred airtime or calling credits over flowers BUT now, I love flowers. They are such a soothing reminder of God's love. (You want to make my heart smile? Buy me flowers!)

5. Peanut Butter Sandwiches
- I know this is weird, but I actually dream of peanut butter sandwiches. Breakfast always seems so far away. (When I sleep, I sleep with a smile knowing that when I wake up it will be breakfast time - yay!)

6. Tamirira (Stand Album)
- I failed to pick a favorite song, so I love the whole album. The lyrics just get to the inner core of my heart. 

7. Professor Graham Glover (my Contract Law lecturer)
- He believed in my potential at a time when I was performing the worst in his subject. He encouraged me to work harder. He always says the right words. (I call him daddy, in my heart.) 

8. Public International Law
- i haven't had a single lecture on this. I don't formally know much about this area of law, but I am hoping to specialize in this area of Law. 

9. 2 Corinthians 10:5
- this verse helps me in  my greatest struggle against emotions. I feel and think too much, every word, every action and energy goes straight to my heart.

10. Christian Books
- I believe in book therapy. Every time my emotions are disturbed, I get a book and read, after that I will be fine. (Hint: wondering what to get me as a present? Buy me a book, I will remember you forever.) 

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