Saturday, 14 November 2015

Happy and Sensitive

At a ‘Night with God’ (aka all night prayer meeting), everyone was asked to say two words, one positive and one negative, that best describes them. For me the first two that came to mind were ‘Happy and Sensitive.’

From those two, the speaker rightfully pointed out the type of person I was. He said I am generally a happy person. I expect everyone to be happy, and if someone is not happy, I get emotionally disturbed. (I would not have said it any better.)

When I started High School, I got the “ever smiling” award. Right now, I often get questions like, “Nontie do you ever get sad or mad?” Shockingly enough, the answer to that is YES! Just not in the eyes of many. When I'm sad, hurt, sick or unhappy, I almost always attempt to keep the smiling face on. It's not easy but I always tell myself that “it's not about you Nontie, its about the next person that will have their day made by your smile.”

Moral of the Story: Sometimes the best way to overcome negative emotions is by stepping out of your shoes, and considering how your grumpy, unhappy self will affect the people around you. You might be going through the hardest moment in your life and all hope seems to have been lost, BUT instead of focusing on your struggles, aim to make the next person’s struggle easier to bear. Give them a Smile. Ask how they are doing. Pray with and for them. And trust me, your load will lighten up. The moment you focus on self, you will notice all the things that are going wrong. But when you shift your attention to others, you will find all the reasons to praise God.

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  1. So true - it's so easy to focus on self and whatever the issues or problems are. But when we see others in their need or look to Christ, viewpoint changes and our burden is lifted.