Friday, 13 November 2015

I have a brother #1

I have a brother - Blessing Chitsato

One of many but this one is different. He holds a special place in my heart. Despite not being from the same tummy, it feels awkward to not think of him as a biological brother. Every time I talk to him, my heart always melts. We talk about anything and everything. He is one of my strongest support system. His life, his marriage, his family, his example, reminds me of how God can always make things happen for his faithful children. The day they announced that he was made ‘Elder’ at church, I subconsciously screamed. I can't even explain the joy, the excitement I felt on that day.

The way we relate to each other is as if we literally grew up in the same home (that is special). The connection is too deep, it can only be one that is sanctioned by heaven.

[Author’s interjection: On that note, I am reminded of his heartfelt response to my “Happy New Year” message on January 1, 2015.]

I can't recall it word to word, but if my memory serves me right, I said something like “I know we are not blood related, but it really feels like we are” and I was thanking him for being a great brother. Then he said something along the lines of us being related through the blood of Jesus. I can't remember the exact words of that message, but I know it made me drop a tear. I could not believe the love. (Side-note: I cry whenever I experience love that is too deep).

Moral of the Story: Because of the love that is shown to me, I am also encouraged to give out love. Not only to those who love me but to someone out there. Someone who has never experienced being loved, being appreciated. It's only through love, that love is awakened. And I learnt that, love is not love until you give it away. 

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