Monday, 23 November 2015

Saying No to Emotions!

Jesus taught that, it is our responsibility to say no to those things which appeal to our fallen nature. We have a choice to choose the master that governs our lives. We can even sit down and make up our own rules if we so choose, but one fact must be clearly understood; we will never get to heaven by that route.

If we are saved, IT WILL BE ON GOD'S TERMS ALONE! 

We must be conscious of the fact that, every time we make a decision, its either we are following emotions or conviction, impulse or principle, Christ or Satan. 

Moral of the Story: Satan always makes the path of sin attractive. Right and wrong can never be tested by what it looks like, feels like or tastes like. Satan spoke flattering words which appealed to Eve's ego and vanity. What she heard and saw influenced her feelings to such a degree that she became blinded to right and wrong.

[This post is based on Chapter 4 of the book Enemy At The Gate by Joe CrewsCLICK HERE to read posts in this series.]

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