Saturday, 5 December 2015

Family Traditions

Our family favorites!
I am up at 3:48am, and the things on my mind right now are Watermelons and Lychees (weird right?). Okay, maybe not so weird if I explain why. At our home we always have these fruits daily (when they are in season). After dinner its Watermelon or Litchi family chill time. We sit by the dinner table and talk over either of these two, but mainly Watermelon. It's possibly the best time of the day.

Other family traditions include:

  1. We generally have two meals a day, breakfast and supper. If you want a third meal, its all up to you.
  2. We have supper between 5:30pm and 6:30pm, by 7pm we are usually out of the kitchen (after cleaning up, washing dishes and putting them away).
  3. During the week, laundry is done daily, before or after supper (except for Friday).
  4. During the weekend, laundry is done on Saturday night, by my mom IF I am not home.
  5. Sunday dinner we have traditional meals (my mom’s choice).
  6. Family prayer time is done in my little brother’s room.
  7. We all trust our dad, so whatever he says usually goes. OR if you don't know anything or want anything, my mom will tell you to “ask dad”.
  8. We usually have two options for dinner. BUT you decide what you want to eat before the food is cooked.
  9. Watching the Television is a synonym of a bedtime story.
  10. When you have to wake up early, for school, to travel, to study, our mom is equivalent to an alarm.

These family traditions were not imposed, they developed over time.