Saturday, 2 January 2016

If You Are Going To Be Strict Parents

I grew up in a home where you certainly can't do everything your 'childish' heart may desire. You can't go everywhere with your friends. If you want to do or go somewhere you have to ask in advance. Before you ask you have to be ready to give valid reasons why you should get a yes. In short I would use the word STRICT to describe my parents. 

Strict parenting is usually associated with negative connotations. Many a time, the children turn out to be the biggest rebels around. They do everything they should not be doing. They do it, not because they want to, but because they were never allowed to live their own lives. To learn from their own mistakes. Then they some how end up losing themselves completely. 

From my experience, if you want to be strict parents,the least you can do is make your children your first priority. Make your house a home. Know what your children need and want, and where you can, deliver. Involve your children in some family decisions, it can be something as small as what to have for dinner. Or where to go for vacation. When you have to say no to your children , explain why, make them understand why they can't have this or that now or ever. Tell them why they can't go there. 

Make home a place that your children will dread leaving. A place they know they can return, to rediscover themselves. Personalize the home, put pictures around, create memories. Make it as permanent as possible. Show your children that you love them. Being STRICT is certainly not about the DON'Ts. It's not about showing your children who runs the place. It's about setting rules that your children will fall in love with. 

Moral of the Story: Your children will not always understand why, but best believe, they will eventually. It took me 20-something years (bare in mind, I am 20-something right now) to realize that my parents mean good. I have come to love home. As much as I wasn't allowed to randomly leave home then, I don't even want to randomly leave home now. Children are a treasure from God, in the same way that you wouldn't allow any person to drive your expensive car, don't allow any one to temper with your treasure. In protecting your children, teach them to protect themselves.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy 2016!!!

Happy New Year Everybody!!!!

May the Lord continue to strengthen us as we journey heavenward.

Be blessed and be a blessing.