Sunday, 15 January 2017

How Big is God?

A story is told of a young boy who asked his father the question, "How big is God?". The father knew how big God was, but had no idea how he would perfectly explain it to his young boy. 

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
One day, as they were driving in town, the boy saw a very tall building and asked his father if God was as big as that building, to which the father answered, "No, he is way bigger than that".

Table Mountain - Cape Town
Months later, while the family was on vacation in Cape Town, the boy saw the gigantic Table Mountain, and with great excitement, he asked his father if God was as big as that mountain. Again the father answered no. 

Then on a random sunny day, the father looked up and saw an aeroplane. With such joy in his voice, he loudly called out his son's name. The little boy came out running to his father. The father told the boy to look up and asked him what he saw. The boy replied "a tiny aeroplane". Then the father said to him "That's how big God is".

Before the boy could say anything, the father told him to get into the car and they quickly drove to the airport. They got to the airport when the plane was just landing. The father then asked the boy if the aeroplane was still tiny. To which the boy replied no, but further asked if the aeroplane was bigger than the very tall building or the enormous mountain they had seen earlier. 

With a big smile, the father explained to his son that, if God is very far from our hearts, if we don't have a relationship with Him, He will appear to us to be as tiny as did the aeroplane when it was high up in the sky. However, if He is close to us, if we have a relationship with him, God will be to us, as big as the plane was, when it landed. 

Moral of the story: Our relationship with God will determine how big God will be to us. In other words, the closer we are to God, the more we will see how great He is. 

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  1. Wow!!!! I didn't see that coming when he first called the son outside, I thought he would say something like "God is bigger than the sky" LOL
    Such a beautiful lesson to teach a child! x