Thursday, 19 January 2017

Updated Random Facts About Me

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1. I got my driver's license almost 6 years ago, but the moment I have to REVERSE the car my brain freezes.
2. The best moment of my life is when I have to third wheel the parents, their marriage is fire, they make me want to get married too.
3. I enjoy watching soccer - Yes I love soccer now, courtesy of my lil brother.
4. Take me to Netherlands!
5. I respect men that dress well.
6. I'm not very big on answering calls.
7. I would rather watch a sermon than a movie.
8. Homemade custard and cake does it for me.
9. I love baking.
10. Because people measure age by height, most people think my lil brother is older than me, And I honestly do not mind.
11. At this very moment, as much as i might want to deny it, I actually just love these two ladies - Vimbai Christabel Kunyongana and Tsitsi Sharon Madyambudzi - they currently have a big spot in my heart for many different reasons.
12. My current favourite song is "Loving the Lord and Loving each other" by the Gaither Vocal Band - I literally play it every morning before my devotion.
13. I love apples!
14. This is essential, I don't like chocolate! But i love my cakes and muffins chocolate.
15. I live my life in phases, so nothing is really constant except Jesus!
16. I need to at least be jogging 10km by December 2017 - will do a follow up post on this in December.
17. I love to keep my weight at 50kg, currently at 52kg, dropped from 55kg.
18. I personally think if you hope/wish/want/desire to be a mother one day, you need to practice the life of prayer - mothers (biological, adoptive, spiritual or step) just go through the most!
19. If you are a Young (or Old, okay lets just say Single), Seventh Day Adventist, Singing gentleman,  please know i am praying for you.
20. I don't even know what my favourite colour is anymore, so if its pretty, i like it.
21. I will be finishing my law degree this year - Yaaaaaaaaaay, job hunting! - please keep me in your prayers.
22. My favourite number is 22!

Okay, that's about it for today!

May we remember to love the Lord and love each other ❤️❤️❤️


  1. 4. Take me to Netherlands!
    Come to Belgium on your way ;)
    And yay to graduating!!! #TeamGraduates #2017

  2. I promise I will come!!!! Europe has to happen soon.